“This is the BEST class I have attended (and I have attended several)! You by far get more for your money with the U.S. Women’s Poker Academy.”   Vivian B.
“This Academy was the most informative, helpful, thought-provoking fun day I have ever spent playing poker! I know it will help me become a better player.” Tig W.
“This was a great Academy. They made new as well as experienced players understand in a fun and easy environment. I learned a lot!”   Melissa K.
“I can’t wait to utilize what I learned. It was fun, well organized and run, and you both made me feel that you truly cared about our success.”   Emily R.
“A unique and relevant approach and brought a lot of scenerios into focus for me.”   Denise W.
“Prior to this Academy I was afraid of playing at a “no-limit” table. The information given has taken away that fear.”    Ellen S.
“I always felt intimidated to sit down in a poker room even though I am typically a confident woman and a decent card player. Today’s class gave me the confidence to join in.”   Randee A.
“Loved it! It was great learning the ins and outs of the strategies to make me a winner.”   Susan N.
“This was a great Academy and it was excellent at explaining the many facets of the game. They made it enjoyable and fun and I earned more than I could have anticipated!”   Donna G.
“I am so glad I attended the U.S. Women’s Poker Academy. There was so much valuable information presented that I know will help me to be more successful at the tables. “  Chrissy F.
“I got exactly what I came for! I absolutely loved the hand analysis section too.”   Tina A.
“For those who want to fine tune their game, this Academy is the answer!”   Susan F.
“Even though I have been to a WPT Bootcamp and one run by Full Tilt, this one also focused on women and the advantages they have at the tables. It was an excellent class and I would recommend it to all women poker players. I learned a great deal!”   June A.
“The U.S. Women’s Poker Academy has a wonderful way of teaching solid poker strategies.”   Fran S.
“The class was great! Even for experienced players, you learn something new.”  Susan G.
“I can’t wait to apply all that I learned at the Academy. I know it’s going to improve my game. I feel so much more confident after this Academy!”   Sharon
“This Academy really helped me focus on playing the right cards in position and how much to bet and when.”   Cathy F.
“The U.S. Women’s Poker Academy was interesting and informative and corrected some of my bad habits. I want to attend again!”   Sharon K.
“Wonderful event! Money well spent! Instructors were well prepared, knowledgeable and entertaining, as well as informative. I would highly recommend to novices and advanced players to attend the U.S. Women’s  Poker Academy.” Lynda W.